Frontier 200

Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

Power Pack
Power 70 kW 2000  rpm
Engine type Diesel engine
Hydraulic System
Main pump Flow rate 100 lt/min
1. pump Flow rate 64 lt/min
2. pump Flow rate 42 lt/min
3. pump Flow rate 22 lt/min
Mast overall length 5600 mm
Feed travel length 3500 mm
Feed force 56,5 kN
Pull up capacity 95 kN
Rotation unit
The rotation head is a single reduction oil bath gear box, with two hydraulic motors type 250 cc.
Speed range  0-100 rpm
Max. Torque 6200 Nm
Line pull 20 kN
Rope speed with 60 lt/min 28,5 m/min
Rope length and diameter 21 m, Φ 10 mm
Movement Unit
Crawler Movement speed is max. 2,2 km/h
Water/Foam Pump
Max. Flow rate 40 lt/min
Max. pressure 30 bar
Capacity 280 lt/sec
Air System and Lubricator
A complete 2inch air system for max 25 bar pressure is mounted on the rig.
An in line lubricator is mounted in the air system.
Work light / Electrical System
Work area flood lights
Mast flood lights
Top head for RC Drilling
A standard top head is adapted to a 4-1/2",4" or 3-1/2" RC drilling system
Helpers Platform
Fixed rod rack is mounted on the rig
Can hold up to 27kN