Teksomak Sondaj Insaat Taahhut ve Makine Sanayi Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. is the machinery group of Tekson Muhendislik Madencilik A.S. since 1983. Teksomak has been established for manufacturing of drill rigs and drilling equipment in 2002. According to market demands inside and outside of Turkey, Teksomak started to manufacture drill rigs for marble quarry in 2003, blast hole drill rigs and spare parts in 2005, exploration drill rigs and drilling equipment in 2008, multipurpose drill rigs in 2010, and Reverse Circulation Drill Rig in 2011. Teksomak, known as reliability and finest quality of the products in the market, is providing drill rigs and equipment for geological exploration both underground and surface. Teksomak R&D department works for developing machines and drilling technology continuously and strong after sales services help customers to provide constant working conditions in difficult environments.

Our Mission

  • To produce the best drill rigs, spare parts and drilling equipment for mining, underground and surface geological exploration and geotechnical investigation purposes.
  • To adapt our production according to market demands and newly developed technology. Hence, to improve our customer satisfaction.
  • To improve our working conditions so that our employees and suppliers can do their best

Our Vision

  • To follow the new technology and make the new technology.
  • To give our best to our customers with high quality.
  • To produce eligible machines to our customers according to their demands and necessities.
  • To provide customer satisfaction all around the world.

Our Certificates